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After BAMS or a after doing MD, Govt. of Himachal Pradesh and Govt. Of India offers very good jobs in AHC’c/PHC’s and other Govt. hospitals. Government pays as much amount of salary as per the government norms.

  1. Other than that you can establish your own Ayurveda clinic/hospital.
  2. Government Allows you to establish your own Ayurvedic pharmacy on the basis of BAMS degree.
  1. For Ayurvedic Practitioners. (Qualification BAMS from recognized college/University & Batch approval by CCIM)
  2. For Unani Practitioners. (Qualification BUMS recognized college/University & Batch approval by CCIM)
  3. For Ayurvedic Pharmacists. (Qulification Ayurvedic D-Pharma/Upvaid recognized college/University)
  4. For Unani Pharmacist. (Qulification Unani D-Pharma /Upvaid recognized college/University)

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